GearWrench® Introduces Innovative Ratchets, Sockets And Magnetic Drive Tools To Industrial Channel

GearWrench® Introduces Innovative Ratchets, Sockets And Magnetic Drive Tools To Industrial Channel

May 1 2012

GearWrench®, a premier hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group known for unmatched strength and productivity, today announced the availability of Ratchets, Sockets, and Drive Tools in the industrial channel to provide industrial professionals with unparalleled speed and efficiency. 

GearWrench offers a variety of ratchets for the industrial sector as part of its premium industrial tool line. In limited space industrial settings, GearWrench Ratchets allow the user to turn a fastener more quickly without having to repeatedly remove or reposition the ratchet. 

GearWrench Full Polish Ratchets feature a strong teardrop head, polished handle, and a flush-mounted on/off switch. The extremely low- profile head provides greater access than any other ratchet on the market. 

GearWrench Cushion Grip Ratchets feature a longer handle providing added leverage and a cushion grip handle offering greater comfort and support for the end user. 

GearWrench Roto Ratchets feature a head that rotates 180 degrees and a 72-tooth ratchet with a 5-degree swing arc, providing powerful ratcheting action in cramped spaces. The GearWrench Roto Ratchet also includes a cushion grip, adding comfort and support for the end user. 

GearWrench Sockets contact the fastener at more points than open-end wrenches and are superior to standard sockets because they feature unique GearWrench Surface Drive® technology, which grabs fasteners on their sides instead of their corners. Sockets are available in standard, deep, spark plug and flex variations. All sockets include a double line or knurled line to help the end user easily identify standard versus metric sockets. 

Magnetic Drive Tools 
The innovative design of the magnetic drive tools hold fasteners inside the socket as industrial professionals work in hard-to-access spaces. The magnet core tip extends through the bottom of the socket, enabling users to reach deep inside machinery or equipment while holding nuts and bolts in place during use. 

“Strength, speed and durability are critical considerations in industrial facilities and we are confident that the GearWrench line of ratchets and sockets can withstand the toughest industrial jobs,” said Paul Steinweg, director of branded products for Apex Tool Group. “Our complete line of industrial tools offers industrial professionals premium quality tools at a value.”